Positive Relationship with the Parents

Links between home and school are very important at all stages of education, but particularly during the pre-school year. Parents are the child’s first educator and have an important role to play in pre-school life. Parents and staff are partners in the children’s education. Where parents share relevant information about their children, this can be used to promote the development of individual children.
In order to ensure effective two-way communication about the welfare and education of the children, trust and confidence needs to be established. To do this, we will do our very best to welcome all parents and make them feel as comfortable as possible and to always see our staff as caring, supportive, approachable and well informed. We will keep the parents fully informed about the curriculum, their child’s progress and how they can support their child’s learning at home by speaking with them regularly. Take time to listen to the parent’s concerns and hopes for their children. Display children’s work with captions to help explain the learning that is taking place in the setting and create a parent area to provide parents with information, such as details about forthcoming events, health and parenting issues and policies outlining practice in the setting.
Before a child attends a pre-school, it is important that contact is made with the parents and child. Parents would be given information about the curriculum and daily routines. This will be done by meeting parents on an individual basis, at open days or at parents meetings. There may need to be a degree of flexibility, both in the initial admission of children and in their arrival and departure times, so that we can settle happily and allow parents the opportunity to talk unhurriedly to the staff.
Parents and other family members can support the learning opportunities provided in the curriculum. They, for example, can talk to children about their work or interests or be involved in the story/library corner. However, it is essential that they receive clear guidance on both the nature of their involvement in the setting and about relevant child protection issues before parents begin working with the children. It’s also important that parents feel that their contributions have been valued.

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