Health Policy

Kids Zone Nursery is committed to ensure that all setting practice are carried out with the requirements of the health and safety and work act 1974 and the management of the health and safety at work act 1999.
Kids Zone Nursery requires that each child enrolled in an early childhood education program have an annual physical checkup.A report of this examination and an up to date immunization card shall be in the nursery’s office, before the first day the child attends. Both must be signed by a physician or physician’s designee such as a physician assistant or nurse practitioner.
1. Medications: No medication (prescribed or over the counter) will be given to any child without the parent or guardians’ written authorization and a licensed health care provider’s written authorization. Both signatures and written authorizations must be provided. The following does not require a physician note only a written permission form by parent; sunscreen, bug repellent, medicated or non-medicated Chap Stick, over the counter skin ointments, lotions and sprays. Over the counter medication must be labeled with the child’s name.
Each medication must be accompanied by a physician’s or pharmacists written directions and in an original and up to date container. Nursery staff will administer the proper medication to your child as directed by the written authorization from the physician. Nursery staff will record dosages in the nursery medication log. All medications are stored in the nursery clinic away from the children in locked boxes.
A medication form must be on file for all medications including sunscreen. A special sunscreen form is available. Medications left at the nursery after dosages have ended will be disposed. Parent should take medicine home when it is no longer being dispensed. The nursery staff will throw away any medication left more than one week after medication authorization has expired .
2. Sunscreen: Because children play outdoors daily, parents are requested to send sunscreen (labeled with child’s name) for children to use especially during the summer. There is a sunscreen authorization form available which requires a parent signature. Sunscreen is kept in the children’s rooms in a cupboard out of children’s reach.
3. Illness: When children are sick, they need Tender Loving Care (TLC) at home. We are not set up for providing sick childcare; our nursery has a certified qualified nurse to attend children emergencies. Illness is caused by germs, virus and bacteria and not by cold weather. Sick children who attend the nursery spread could spread germs to other children and make them sick. Each child shall be free of symptoms of illness each day that he/she attends the nursery. The following guidelines should be observed to know when to keep your child at home.

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