Early Years Program Nursery

At Kids Zone Nursery, our key to success as an early years program Nursery Dubai, we maintain our guiding principles. Quality, Respect, Responsiveness, Diversity, Collaboration and Professionalism is the foundation of all we do.

Complying with international standard, following EYFS British National Curriculum and the Reggio Approach, we have the best early years program Nursery Dubai. We are committed to providing high quality programs and services for children and families. Our commitment to quality and distinction spreads out beyond our programs to include all other aspects such as professional management and constant development of our early years program Nursery Dubai.

We listen and respond to children’s needs, families’ concerns with empathy and total respect. We creatively follow up with the changing needs of children, families and communities, by assessing, adjusting and developing innovative early years program Nursery Dubai.

In our respect for diversity, we value the diverse backgrounds of families, thus we provide programs and services that are welcoming and comfortable in our early years program Nursery Dubai. We work closely in partnership with families and communities to ensure an innovative effective development is achieved along with quality programs and effective services, allowing the children to develop confidence in their own ability to learn, to express themselves and to overcome obstacles. The skills they develop in our early years program Nursery Dubai, grants them later success in school and in life.

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