Day Care Nursery Dubai

At Kids Zone Day Care Nursery Dubai, we believe that every child need is based on four foundations: belonging, engagement, well-being and expression. At our Day Care Nursery Dubai, our indoor and outdoor environments invite children to safely learn through play. They will be able to build relationships, to explore the world with their body, mind and all senses, to develop their identity and their communication capacity.

Our Day Care Nursery Dubai is a place where both children and professional educators play, learn and discover together. We view every child as a competent, capable, curious and rich in potential individual. Our educators find well-being in your children’s excitement and thirst for learning and always join them in their enthusiasm while playing and exploring.

We listen closely to the children and we encourage the strong bonds formed in our Day Care Nursery Dubai. We boost them to engage in conversations and we respond to their questions and ideas. Our Day Care Nursery Dubai is the perfect place of your children to play, explore and be healthy.

We understand how a carefully prepared, play-based learning program, following EYFS British National Curriculum and the Reggio Approach, balances the child’s natural curiosity. Their learning will be fun under the supervision of our qualified educators. At Kids Zone Day Care Nursery Dubai, your children will develop social skills and make friends; they will learn and grow in ways that strongly support their future success in school and in life.

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