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4-Pre School British Curriculum

At Kids Zone Nursery, we are committed to granting your children the best friendly learning environment, our 4-preschool British curriculum Dubai is a very successful- internationally recognized- program. Within this program, children are totally wrapped up in a friendly environment which is carefully crafted and created by qualified British teachers.

The priority of our 4-preschool British curriculum Dubai is a complete approach to the care and education of children, along with their emotional and physical development, taking into consideration their relationship with people around them.

The 4-preschool British curriculum Dubai aims to develop the children’s personal, social and emotional well-being. This grants them a positive attitude in shared activities, by creating them the perfect environment to raise their enthusiasm and thirst for learning.

The 4-preschool British curriculum Dubai introduces children to basic concepts they will need to understand before they can delve deeper into subjects like English, science and math. What makes the 4-preschool British curriculum Dubai a great program is that it includes lots of fun activities and games that children admire. This type of learning activities will help the child gain self-confidence while having a wonderful time.

At kids Zone Nursery, the learning possibilities are endless! We work constantly in collaboration with parents to achieve these aims, departing from our conviction that every child is to become an independent respected member of their community.

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